wood working

Wood working

Related products find extensive applications in woodworking, encompassing cutting various types of wood, carving intricate designs, polishing and refining wood surfaces, and drilling or slotting for assembly in furniture making and woodworking projects. These tools offer efficient, precise, and multifunctional solutions for woodworkers and manufacturers, enhancing productivity and achieving high-quality results in woodworking processes.

Hardness and Wear Resistance

Metalworking saw blades are made from high-hardness materials such as hard alloy (carbide) or high-speed steel (HSS), offering exceptional wear resistance and durability. This hardness allows them to maintain sharp cutting edges for extended periods, even when cutting tough metals.

Heat Resistance

These saw blades are engineered to withstand high temperatures generated during metal cutting operations. They have heat-resistant coatings or designs that dissipate heat efficiently, preventing blade deformation and maintaining cutting performance.

Precision Cutting

Metalworking saw blades are designed for precise and accurate cutting of metals, ensuring clean and smooth cuts without burrs or rough edges. This precision is essential for fabricating metal parts with tight tolerances and intricate shapes.


These saw blades can cut a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and alloys. They are suitable for various metalworking applications such as cutting tubes, bars, sheets, and profiles, making them versatile tools in fabrication and manufacturing processes.

Products suitable for wood working

Widely used in woodworking, including the following products.

Thin Kerf Saw Blades for Wood

Thin Kerf Saw Blades for Wood

T.C.T Ripping Saw Blade with Anti-kick Back Design

T.C.T Ripping Saw Blade with Anti-kick Back Design


Practical scenarios of our products

Our products excel in practical scenarios focused on stone cutting, ensuring precision and efficiency in the cutting process.

Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products

Suitable material


Natural stone
lime sandstone
Ductile Iron

More product applications

Our products have diverse applications across various industries, including stoneware, artificial material, masonry, wood working, metal working.

Artificial material
Wood working
Metal working