Diamond tools and hard alloy saw blades are widely used in the field of stone processing. Diamond tools, such as cutting blades and grinding heads, offer high precision and efficiency in cutting and polishing various hard stones like marble, granite, and quartz. Hard alloy saw blades, made from materials like tungsten cobalt alloy, excel in cutting stone, concrete, and metals with high durability and cost-effectiveness. Together, these tools contribute significantly to the efficient and precise processing of stone materials, meeting the demands of construction, decoration, and artistic applications.

High Hardness and Wear Resistance

Both related products exhibit extremely high hardness and wear resistance, allowing them to maintain long-term performance stability during cutting, grinding, and polishing processes, thereby reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Efficient Processing

These tools can achieve high precision and efficiency in processing, making the stone processing process faster, more accurate, and improving production efficiency and product quality.


Related products have wide applicability in different types of stone processing, including marble, granite, quartz, as well as concrete and other hard materials, showcasing their versatility.


Due to their wear resistance and stability, these tools can maintain sharpness and efficient processing performance for extended periods, reducing the risk of downtime and cost increase due to frequent replacements.

Products suitable for Stoneware

Related products provide efficient cutting, grinding, and polishing solutions for stone processing

Cold pressed dry flakes

Cold pressed wet tablet


Practical scenarios of our products

Our products excel in practical scenarios focused on stone cutting, ensuring precision and efficiency in the cutting process.

Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products

Suitable material


Natural stone
lime sandstone
Ductile Iron

More product applications

Our products have diverse applications across various industries, including stoneware, artificial material, masonry, wood working, metal working.

Artificial material
Wood working
Metal working