Related products designed for masonry applications are specialized tools tailored to handle the unique challenges posed by masonry materials such as bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stone. These tools offer efficient cutting, grinding, and shaping capabilities, allowing for precise and accurate work in masonry construction and renovation projects. Whether it's cutting bricks for precise fitting or shaping natural stone for decorative elements, these tools ensure high-quality results and enhance productivity in masonry work.

Efficient Cutting

These tools can efficiently cut bricks, concrete blocks, and natural stone, ensuring precise and fast cutting processes.

Accurate Grinding

For areas that require fine finishing, these tools provide precise grinding capabilities, enabling precise matching of masonry components.

Versatile Applications

These tools are suitable for different types of masonry materials, including bricks, concrete, and natural stone, providing comprehensive solutions for masonry construction and renovation projects.


Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, these tools have excellent durability, maintaining cutting and grinding efficiency for extended periods and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Products suitable for Masonry

Related products provide efficient cutting, grinding, and polishing solutions for stone processing

Diamond Crack Chaser Blades

Diamond Crack Chaser Blades

Sandwich Tuch Point (Double)

Sandwich Tuch Point (Double)


Practical scenarios of our products

Our products excel in practical scenarios focused on stone cutting, ensuring precision and efficiency in the cutting process.

Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products

Suitable material


Natural stone
lime sandstone
Ductile Iron

More product applications

Our products have diverse applications across various industries, including stoneware, artificial material, masonry, wood working, metal working.

Artificial material
Wood working
Metal working