Metal working

Metal working

Related products have wide applications in metalworking. Diamond tools are suitable for precision grinding, cutting, and high-speed machining of metals due to their hardness and wear resistance, making them usable in high-temperature environments. Hard alloy saw blades, on the other hand, are used for metal cutting tasks such as steel and aluminum alloys, offering wear resistance, durability, and precise cutting. The choice of tool depends on the processing needs and material characteristics.

Cutting Wood

Related products can be used to cut various types of wood, including softwood, hardwood, and composite boards, achieving precise and smooth cuts.

Carving and Engraving

For the production of wooden crafts and decorations, related carving heads and carving tools can achieve complex and fine engraving, creating works with artistic appeal and delicate textures.

Polishing and Finishing

Related polishing heads and finishing tools can be used for polishing and refining wood surfaces, producing smooth and even finishes, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and texture of the wood.

Drilling and Slotting

Related drill bits and slotting blades can be used for drilling holes or slots in wood, suitable for assembly and joining parts in furniture making and woodworking projects.

Products suitable for wood working

Widely used in woodworking, including the following products.

Saw Blade for Cutting Ferrous

Saw Blade for Cutting Ferrous


Practical scenarios of our products

Our products excel in practical scenarios focused on metal working, ensuring precision and efficiency in the cutting process.

Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products
Practical scenarios of our products

Suitable material


Natural stone
lime sandstone
Ductile Iron

More product applications

Our products have diverse applications across various industries, including stoneware, artificial material, masonry, wood working, metal working.

Artificial material
Wood working
Metal working