Our vision
We will seek progress with our staff, sincerely create and share success with our all clients,and develop together with our country.
Our mission
We devote to create the top-ranking brand of hardware tools in China,and to become a top-ranking manufacturing enterprise of hardware tools in the world.
Our style
Our attitude
Never say impossible,never make excuses,fulfil the mission firmly.
Our spirit
Our state
Our team
Our values
About our clients: concerntrating all attentions on our clients to meet their needs.
About our team: We will work together and muster all our resovle to overcome difficulties.
About our responsibility: We seek the common development of our enterprise,our clients and our society.
About our standard: We all seek high standard service and high quality products,these are our company’s core competitiveness.
About our gratitude: Thank our team for making great efforts,thank our company for providing us opportunities,and thank our clients for tursting us.
Our ideas
Survival idea: We insist on a market-oriented economy and providing high quality products to win the market.
Management idea: Introducing talents and advanced technology,ensuring high quality of products.
Development idea: Continuous improvement promotes development.
Competition idea: Keeping improving our company’s competitiveness and going beyond ourselves to have a place in market competition.
Living moral idea: We should be severe with oneself and lenient towards others.
Empolyment idea: Based on meritocracy.
Service idea: Our goal is to provide the service which is our clients expected.
Training idea: Cultivating theknowledge talents and building learning enterprise.
Danyang economic development zone, jiangsu province, China